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* 24 hour GTA Towing & Toronto Towing

* 20 Minutes Towing Response time

* Roadside Assistance / Tow Truck

* Flat bed Bike & Equipment towing

* Battery boost / Flat tire fix

* Fuel Delivery / Car lockout

* Top paid for scrap vehicles

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  Were you on vacation when your car decided it wanted a little vacation as well?

NO WORRIES – Let SSR Towing Toronto & Recovery Services bring your car back to the shop you know and trust; or just let us take it to your home so you can deal with it later…. Don't let it ruin your vacation.

Do you need your car towed a few cities away. You could be away on vacation and your car could stop working. You need someone that can tow your car where you want to, and Towing & Recovery Services can do that.

If you can’t have your car towed or serviced right away because there’s something more important that you need to take care of, just call us and Towing & Recovery Services can schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

Are you unable to meet the tow operator with keys? Towing & Recovery Services can arrange to pick up your keys from one location, tow your car from a second location, and deliver your vehicle to a third.

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We offer Towing Service, Tow Truck, Roadside Assistance, Flat Tire, Flatbed Towing, Heavy Duty Towing, Out of Gas, Jump Start, Dead Battery Replacement, Accident Removal, Auto Locksmith services across many regions. Our towing services areas include:


  GTA Towing & GTA Recovery Services are trained in the procedure to jump start boost a car battery properly to prevent any damage to the car's engine or the battery. Improper or wrong connection can damage the car's battery and it can also be dangerous for the person handling the jumpstarting (boost) procedure. Toronto Towing & Toronto Recovery Services is equipped with powerful alternator and dual batteries for quick and efficient jumpstarting (boost) of the battery.

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