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SSR is Reliable & Fast Toronto Towing Service. Providing Towing, Roadside assistance, Heavy Towing, Auto Locksmith, Jump Start, Flatbed or Flat Tire 24/7. Committed to 30 minute arrival in Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Ajax, Markham, GTA,  Mississauga, Pickering, Downtown, Vaughan.

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We’re Your One-Stop Roadside Assistance in Toronto Area

  • Round-the-clock emergency towing.
  • Long distance towing.
  • Flatbed towing.
  • Fuel delivery.
  • Ignition assistance.
  • Obstructed driveway towing.
  • Motorcycle towing.
  • Boat towing.
  • Towing of construction equipment.
  • Changing of flat tires.

We’re a company that specializes in efficient, hassle-free and dependable general towing services. We can help you deal with all kinds of pressing scenarios. We can provide you with towing that’s suitable for longer distances. We can even tow vehicles that go beyond standard cars. If you’re searching for smooth and efficient motorcycle or boat towing assistance, you can count on our team fully.

Our Towing Service and Towing truck service are fast and reliable. Usually it would take between 20 minutes from the time you order a towing service or roadside assistance before the tow truck arrive to help you. SSR Tow Truck Service is a company that started in Toronto, offers services across the GTA Towing, Toronto Towing, Scarborough Towing, Markham Towing, Pickering Towing, North York Towing, Richmond Hill Towing, Ajax Towing, Woodbridge Towing, Vaughan Towing, Mississauga Towing, Downtown Towing and Other areas. We offer Towing Service, Tow Truck Toronto, Roadside Assistance Toronto, Flat Tire Toronto, Flatbed Towing Toronto, Heavy Duty Towing Toronto, Out of Gas Toronto, Jump Start Toronto, Dead Battery Replacement Toronto, Accident Removal Toronto, Auto Locksmith Toronto services across many regions. Our tow truck services areas include:

  • Tow Truck GTA
  • Tow Truck Toronto
  • Tow Truck Scarborough
  • Tow Truck Markham
  • Tow Truck Pickering
  • Tow Truck North York
  • Tow Truck Richmond Hill
  • Tow Truck Ajax
  • Tow Truck Woodbridge
  • Tow Truck Vaughan
  • Tow Truck Mississauga
  • Tow Truck Downtown
  • GTA Towing Service
  • Toronto Towing Service
  • Scarborough Towing Service
  • Markham Towing Service
  • Pickering Towing Service
  • North York Towing Service
  • Richmond Hill Towing Service
  • Ajax Towing Service
  • Woodbridge Towing Service
  • Vaughan Towing Service
  • Mississauga Towing Service
  • Downtown Towing Service

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We are a local Toronto towing company that employs professional technicians able to give you towing assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, including holidays. Toronto Towing maintains the highest standards in towing and roadside assistance to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. We use efficient, cost-effective techniques by trained and licensed tow truck professionals. We aim to get you back on the road ASAP.

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Towing Services

Our towing services are fast and we may say we’ll fly to where you are. As long as you have our number, feel free to focus on your business and if something wrong happens, just give us a call.
Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

We provide auto, truck and heavy duty towing service and all roadside services at the most affordable rates. We offer best price that you could afford giving you the space to negotiate the price.
Battery Jump Start

Battery Jump Start

A dead battery can happen anywhere at any time, which means you might not always have a friend or neighbor nearby to offer you the jump start your car requires to get up and running again.
Blocked Driveway Towing

Blocked Driveway Towing

What do you do when someone blocked your driveway? Who do you call to resolve this problem for you? Call us and we’ll be there resolving this problem. This is a common thing and it happens at least 10 times a day.
Car Lockout

Car Lockout

A car lockout can happen to anyone. Many of us have climbed from the car leaving the keys in the ignition before locking the car with the button on the driver’s door. When this happens, we at Toronto Towing Services can assist you.
Flat Tire

Flat Tire

Whether if you are driving for business or for pleasure, unpleasant situations may occur on the road and you need to know that specialists can provide you with professionals services that can help you at any time, all the time.
Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery

There is always enough fuel on the gas station, but there are not as many gas stations as we want, so when it comes to fuel delivery, Don’t worry! The answer is simple! Call us (647) 557-5021.
Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Equipment Towing is big business, we are geared up and ready to service any heavy duty request that you have. Large haul of garbage, an antique car, tractors and other large equipment.
Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle Towing

One of the most popular ways that people love to travel is by motorcycle. Anyone that has experienced the rev of the engine and the speed once the tires start spinning, knows that it can be a very addicting.